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NINEVEH Scholarship

As it appears in the objectives of the Nineveh Academic Chair, one of its main initiatives will be the formation and preparation of a group of Assyrians in the different fields already mentioned. An academic policy must be worked out in order to ensure the continuity of the transmission of the Assyrian cultural heritage. For this, an endowment and grant of scholarships for talents of the new Assyrian generation is essential that will keep alive the project for the reconstruction of the Assyrian Legacy.

The intention of the Nineveh Chair is to train an average of 20-40 specialists in the following fields over the next 10 years:




Depending on the availability of funds, the financial means will be used to gradually and progressively train a group of young Assyrians who will reach the doctorate level, after which they will be sent to destinations where there is an Assyrian community and an academic training center, from where they will cultivate the linguistic, historical and literary legacy of the Assyrians.

These scholarships will be awarded through a contract and conditions of commitment so that the candidate after his/her training has to contribute to the Assyrian cause for at least 10 years.

How does the Scholarship work?

For this, in the case of the University of Salamanca, about 20,000 Euros per year per person will be needed, which includes: registration, accommodation, meals and a small endowment for the purchase of books and basic necessities.
In order to carry out these activities seriously and professionally, the Nineveh Chair must have at least an annual budget, half of which will be dedicated to scholarships for young Assyrians who want to be trained in their linguistic, historical and sociocultural heritage. Therefore, depending on the financial means, several Assyrian talents will start studying at the University of Salamanca, preferably for the degree or doctoral level in Assyrian language, history or literature.
While we train them, we will also prepare the ground so that when they finish their training period, they can develop their academic and research activities at the University, where there is an Assyrian community. Our academic contacts, in this case from the University of Salamanca, with those universities whose city has an Assyrian community, will provide candidates with access and the opportunity to develop what they have been researching at the doctoral level.

We must learn to invest our resources efficiently in those centers where there is an Assyrian community in the diaspora or in our homeland. To ensure that the financial resources of the Nineveh Chair are managed correctly and transparently, the University of Salamanca will use the same mechanisms that it has applied to the other academic Chairs. There is a rigorous control over income and results that can be consulted on the virtual platform of the University of Salamanca.
Consequently, the best practices of the European institutions of higher education, everything that is invested in the Nineveh Chair, will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes it pursues. In the same way, sponsors will be informed with the annual report in order to know in what and for what purposes the contributed capital has been used.

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