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NINEVEH International Conferences

For the promotion of the Assyrian legacy, the Nineveh Chair will organize, at least, an annual international congress to address issues directly related to the Assyrian cause, with the aim of shedding light on linguistic, historical and ethno-social issues. The raison d’être of this initiative lies in clarifying the concepts that have divided the Assyrian people by giving more weight to their religious affiliation than to their national and ethnic identity.
Thanks to the donations, we will organize seminars, symposiums and international congresses, to which we will invite experts in the fields already mentioned: Assyrian language, history and culture. The realization of these activities entails unavoidable expenses that the President of Nineveh Chair will cover if he has the necessary external contributions. We have already held the first and second congresses at the University of Salamanca and the third one will take place in Paris from 15 to 17 October 2024. As we have already underlined in the statutes of the creation of the Chair, if we have the financial means, we will frequently hold the congresses of the Chair in those centres where there is an Assyrian community. In this way we will have a double benefit from these academic initiatives.

PARIS 2024

The Third International Conference of

NINEVEH Academic Chair

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